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Rutlands Signora Kiana
with her fleece coat

test-report Kiana

Test report:
Rutlands Signora Kiana


Wlochata Pasja Norelek Joey

Wlochata Pasja Norelek Joey
with his fleece coat

test report Joey

Test report:
Wlochata Pasja Norelek Joey


ben ik niet elegant of niet?

Cymbrogi's Charming Pete
with his unexpected wavy coat

test report Pete

test report:
Cymbrogi's Charming Pete

An Insertion in the RSPO2 Gene also exists in the authentic Australian Labradoodle population.

The presence of the wild-allele at the R-spondin 2 (RSPO2) Gene is responsible for improper coat variants in the Portuguese Water Dog (PWD). According to their Breed Standard this particular coat is known as improper coat. The development of a genetic test has made it possible to test the dogs on this gene mutation.

Cymbrogi - Australian Labradoodles in the Netherlands, has discovered that this wild allele is also present in the Authentic Australian Labradoodle population.
After a normal litter, different bitches suddenly produced some puppies that looked like puppies born as PWD with an improper coat. The difference between the coats of puppies can normally be seen at the age of about 5-6 weeks.

After looking at pictures of up growing puppies our friend and collegue breeder GP Yakobowitz-van Breda send us a picture of a PWD with an improper coat. The similarity was striking so we decided to contact Ilona Griffioen, a PWD breeder, who has described this phenomenum on her website.

After reading an article she send us and extensive research on the internet we were convincewd that the presence of this gene mutation could be the cause of the different coats in these litters.

 authentic Australian labradoodle puppiesauthentic Australian labradoodle puppies

The pictures showing two puppies at 5 weeks old, one of them developed an improper coat. Left puppy is an affected puppy, right puppy has developed a normal coat. Pictures on the right hand side show the same puppies but now a few months older.

The van Haeringen Laboratory in the Netherlands made it possible for Cymbrogi - Australian Labradoodles to have their dogs tested, using the IC13 DNA-test carried out by OptiGen. Surprisingly most of the tested breeding dogs were carrier of this wild-allele.

Consequently Cymbrogi - Australian Cobberdogs had puppies tested, all of them from different litters and all of them with an unexpected coat. The test results showed that all of them were affected! Click on the pictures on the lefthand side for a PDF of the testresult.

unexpected curly coatunexpexted wavy coat







These pictures show a wavy coat on the right and above the curly coat type.

Just as with the improper coat of the PWD, within the authentic Australian Labradoodle population two improper coat types exists: the wavy coat and the curly coat.

We would like to point out that a lot more research has to be done. As one can read on the test report Optigen says: " that not all the Improper Coats can be explained by this tests.

bezoek aan vabn Haeringen laboratory 0ctober 2011During her visit to the van Haeringen Laboratory in the Netherlands in October 2011 Angela has arranged with Wim van Haeringen to start further procedures in order to investigate the presence of another factor.

At this moment, ALFA-Europe is involved in testing all the breeding dogs that are registered with the foundation ALFA-Europe. The testing is sponsored by ALFA-Europe.

More to come ..... keep visiting this website.

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Updated 22-6-2012

Curly coat

Affected - Curly coat (Sam)

Australian labradoodle pup Levi

Normal - Fleece coat (Levi)


pete ligt tussen zijn speelgoed

Affected - Wavy coat (Pete)

wavy coat

Affected - Wavy coat (Cobber Bo)


wavy coat

Affected - Wavy Coat (Pete)


Wavy coat

Affected - Wavy coat (Elegant Evi)


Improper coat -Wavy coat

Affected - Wavy coat (Ramsy)