Villa Vergezicht

Villa Vergezicht
is a luxurious allergy friendly villa

You can even take along your Australian Labradoodle or your
Australian Cobberdog !


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15 August 2013

De pupjes hebben een gekleurd bandje om Lucy has given birth to6 brown puppies.

Three females and three males
Because they look the same, they have a coloured ribbon. The sire of this litter is doodleDogs Captain Jack (Cee-Jay).

Click on the picture to visit her page.



12 april 2013

Dan en Lucy

Today Daniel send us a videoclip about his dog Lucy. Cymbrogi's Darling Lucy is a certified assistance dog.

In a few weeks she gets an own page where she will show what she has learned. Daniel and his wife Ina are very proud on her.

Click on the picture to see Lucy in action.


5 oktober 2012

C-jay en faceLast month we have bought a new stud dog. His name is doodleDogs Captain Jack.

We call him Cee-Jay beacuse there is already a Jack in the house.
Cee-Jay is imported from the UK. He is from the kennel "doodleDogs" of Lisa Carson.

Cee-Jay is three years old and registered with ALFA-Europe. If you want to see more pictures of him, visit his own page, read more...


ondeugendWe have Rutlands WH Ava registered with ALFA-Europe. She passes all her tests.

If you want to see who she is now you have to visit her own page, read more...

Ava expects her first litter end next year or even later.



21 June 2012

Genetische mutation discovered
Cymbrogi has proved that the improper coats within the Australian Labradoodle population is caused by a mutation in the RSPO2 Gene, a recessive gene. The same mutation that causes the imporoper coats with the Portuguese Water Dog.


24 November 2011

Australian labradoodle pupFinally Rutlands Ava has arrived.

A dream came true after months of organizing and planning Angela's trip to Australia.
Angela and our daughter in law went to Australia to meet Beverley and to take Rutlands WH Ava back home with them.

Ava is a descendant of a breeding line which has been infused with the ISCW. With this litter Beverley has achieved what she had in mind when she introduced the ISCW-infusion into a number of breeding lines in 2004.

Ava has a beautiful loose fleece coat, a fabulous temperament, a stunning dark pigmentation and a great conformation. She is everything we could have hoped for. Besides Ava, Angela took Rutlands Redd Jett with her. In Zurich she was picked up by the new owners of Redd Jett, Meret and Urs Gebert, future breeders of the authentic Australian Labradoodles in Switserland.
After a very pleasant stay in Switzerland it was time to travel on to Pako and the pack. Ava got a warm welcome from our dogs. As soon as possible you can visit Ava's page by clicking on her picture.

Beverley Manners en AngelaDonnan (on Beverley's lap) will fly to Europe in a few weeks time. Edyta Gajewska of Wlochata Pasja is the proud owner. (Ava and Redd Jett are also on the picture).

In future we will be working closely together with Beverley to develop these beautiful breeding lines further.

During her stay in Australia Angela also visited the clinic where the frozen semen of Cymbrogi's Caramel Baju and Wlochata Pasja Norelek Joey will be stored. This is the same clinic where Beverley goes to when it comes to issues related to breeding. It was good to see with how much respect these people talked about Beverley and her dogs. We are delighted that we are going to work with Beverley, Clone Holland and the Monash Veterinary Clinic in Australia. We have been working together with Clone Holland of Nico Fernhout for over 15 years now.


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