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In the coming weeks / months we are intending to translate all our pages.

Rutlands Signora Kiana and our other Australian labradoodles
In August 2008 we received our first ASD Australian Labradoodle: Rutlands Signora Kiana. She comes from Australia from Beverley Manners of Rutland Manor, one of the co-founders of the authentic Australian Labradoodle!
Over the last few years we got six additional Australian Labradoodles. After Jasmine, Lucy and Joey and Jack, Rutlands WH Ava came in november 2011. About our part time pack member, Cymbrogi's Caramel Baju, you can read more on his page, click on his picture. In September 2012 we bought doodleDogs Captain Jack, because he is not a carrier of the gene that is causing a so-called improper coat, read more...

Besides our Australian Labradoodles our pack also has three Labradors, we do not breed with them anymore!

We were over the moon when Kiana came to us.
It enables us to stay surrounded by dogs we have bred. At the same time it will be possible to make other people happy with a carefully bred allergy friendly authentic Australian Labradoodle, which can be trained to be a service dog or a therapy dog, (more to read soon)...


We are small breeders
We only have a litter one or two times a year.
We don’t make use of guardian families because we believe that every dog should ​​always be able to live in his own pack.
We only make an exception for a stud dog which is so beautiful that it would be a waste not to use his genetic material and thus save the genetic diversity.
For the male dog, this means an interesting trip to a bitch in the presence of his owner, a few times in his life.

Breeders logoWe breed according to the rules of the ALFA-Europe Foundation. These rules are very strict, more information can be found at the ALFA-Europe website.

As a breeder of authentic Australian Labradoodles we are members of an independent breeders' association, the IEALB, Independent European Australian Labradoodle Breeders. If you want to know more about this organization and want to find out more about the differences between this organization and other organizations, please visit the website of the IEALB.

Additional information
Our website gives you a lot of information about the authentic Australian Labradoodle breed. You also get an idea about our pack, how our dogs live. Through pictures and video clips you can get an idea how we raise our puppies... read more soon...


How to contact us
If you are interested or you want to know more about us and our dogs, you can email us. later on we can exchange our phone numbers.

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Rutlands WH Ava




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